Simply "Prayerfully speaking the Word of God by the power of the Holy Spirit in a variety of settings" Our Discipleship Ministry strives to build you up in these three areas:  Conviction, Character, and Competency.

  • FAMILY MATTERS: GRace based parenting/finance

    Dr. Tim Kimmel instructs parents to treat their children the way God treats His. Come and join along side other parents as we seek the Lord's wisdom in raising our children to honor Him. We will follow this study with a look a Practical Home Finance as well.

    Facilitated by: Pastor Gordon

  • knowing God

    Stemming from Packer's profound theological knowledge, Knowing God brings together two important facets of the Christian faith― knowing about God and also knowing God through the context of a close relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. Written in an engaging and practical tone, this thought-provoking work seeks to transform and enrich the Christian understanding of God. Explaining both who God is and how we can relate to him.

    Facilitated by: Pastor Tim

  • The upper room with jesus

    This is an in depth look into the upper room experience of Jesus and His disciples found in John chapters 13-17. R.C. Sproul's sermon series of John will be the resource for this study.

    Facilitated by: Rance Recla