deacon/Elder qualifications

At regular intervals in the life of our church we take nominations for the offices of elder and deacon. The last time was in 2023, and it is time to do so again. If you are a covenant member of First Baptist Nixa, I ask you to do the following:


1.   Below are four sermons preached at First Baptist Nixa in August of 2017. The first three sermons deal with the qualifications and responsibilities of elders, the last with the qualifications and responsibilities of deacons. Please listen to these sermons and familiarize yourself with what the Bible has to say about elders and deacons, so that you may develop within your mind and heart the portrait of the kind of man we need serving in these leadership offices.

2.      Fast and pray, asking God to reveal His will to His church concerning who should fill these offices.

3.      If you would like to nominate someone, pick up an elder or deacon nomination form from the Connect center, and fill it out. We require two things of each nomination: first, they cannot be anonymous; second, you must put down your rationale for why you think this individual is gifted and qualified for the office of elder or deacon.

4.      Place your completed nomination form in any of our offering boxes, or in the mail slot by the office door.

5.      Please keep your nominations confidential. In other words, do not tell the person you have nominated him. Please allow us to vet the nominations, and also inquire of their willingness to serve. This process is much more effective when it is private.